Jayne Murray, a public artist


Jayne Murray is an artist. She has been working with people and public spaces since 1994.

Educated in photography at Sheffield and Derby, and in Design for the Environment at the London Institute.

She is interested in people and what they do, and recognises this is effected by their environment - which in turn can be effected by them.

Her work is concerned with the development of public and shared spaces and their design: what they may dis or en-able, and how people may be involved.

Her approach is to research and engage with a site and its users to develop relevant and appropriate outcomes. This she does in imaginative and accessible ways to create critical, poignant, joyous and fun ways of thinking about and designing places.

This may be through images, performances, interventions or installations, temporary to permanent. Her work is valued as perceptive and transformative.

This website is an archive of work that has happened and will continue to build.

roundabout cake

Roundabout cake
- made for the Ward Place Roundabout Project, Efford.